The symbol of Kobe Port –Luminous Kobe 2
- We offer a fabulous time for you ! -

4,778 tons gross and total length of 106 meters.  Luminous Kobe 2 is one of the largest restaurant cruise ships in Japan. The daytime cruise will impress you with Kobe's cityscape, the view of Kobe Airport and the scenic Mt.Rokko ; the night cruise will steal your heart with the illuminated Akashi Canal Bridge and Kobe city night view, one of the top three night view in Japan.
We offer the chef's special Mediterranean-style French cuisine using ample seasonal ingredients as well as a steak buffet. The chef will be grilling beef steak right in front of you ! Please enjoy fine dining and cruising time.

Schedule Route Boarding Fare
Adult Child
Voyage No.1
Daily 12:00-14:00 Osaka Bay Cruise 3,240 JPY 1,620 JPY
Voyage No.2
Weekends & Holidays 16:00-18:00 Osaka Bay Cruise 3,240 JPY 1,620 JPY
Weekdays 17:00-18:20 Kobe Airport Cruise 2,160 JPY 1,080 JPY
Voyage No.3
Daily 19:00-21:20 Akashi Strait Cruise 3,240 JPY 1,620 JPY

- Adult (12 years old or over), children (6 to 11 years old). Up to one infant may board free per one adult.

- Service will be suspended between late December to mid January due to routine inspection.

Course map

Akashi Strait Cruise

Meriken Park - Kobe Airport - Akash Kaikyo Bridge - Harima Nada - Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - Meriken Park

Osaka Bay Cruise

Meriken Park - Kobe Airport - Osaka bay- Suma Coast / Tarumi - Meriken Park

Kobe Airport Cruise

Meriken Park - Kobe Airport - Meriken Park

- Depending on the weather and maritime conditions of the day, the course may be changed or suspended.
Further, since the ship may become full due to group bookings etc., please confirm the operation status before boarding.

- Various credit cards are accepted.

List of Menu & Pricing
(Sales tax and service charge included. Boarding fare not included)

*2A - Weekends & Holidays

*2B - Weekdays

Menu Voyage No. Price
1 2A* 2B* 3
Luminous Lunch Course - 4,320 JPY
French Kaiseki Course 6,480 JPY
Luminous Course 8,640 JPY
Deluxe Course 10,800 JPY
Special Course 16,200 JPY
Kobe Beef Course - 36,000 JPY
(Boarding fare included)
Kid's Meal 1,620 JPY
Kid's Meal Course 2,700 JPY
Cake Set - - 1,080 JPY
Beer or Wine Set - - 2,160 JPY

Steak Buffet
(Boarding fare, meal price, sales tax and service charge included)

  Voyage No.
1&2 3
Adult (12 years old or over) 6,480 JPY 8,640 JPY
Child (6 to 11 years old) 4,860 JPY 7,020 JPY
Infant (3 to 5 years old) 1,620 JPY 1,620 JPY


Access map

Ticket Office / Terminals

Address: 5-6 Hatoba-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe. Nakatottei Passenger Terminal (Kobe Oriental Hotel 2F)
Tips! We are close to the Kobe Port Tower and Meriken Park.
Tips! You will easily find Kobe Oriental Hotel on Google map.

From Sannomiya Station (easily approach from Kobe Airport and Shin-kobe Shinkansen Staion)

Please take the City Loop Bus bounds for Kamomelia(It takes you 20 minutes and costs 260JPY)
If you are a three or four people, we suggest that you take a cab because it will cost the same and way faster.

From Motomachi Station

You can either take a 20-minute walk and enjoy the beautiful view on the way or take a cab ( Up to 4 people, about 700JPY, 5 minutes)